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About me

My jewelry love began when I was a child. My grandmother was artist : painting, netting and she used to try making jewelry with any material she found, (at that time beads was only Chinese)Then I saw her works. After long time I decided to try to do for myself and just for myself.I started with nice stringing beads , then I learned the glass paintingjwlarey.

At 1980 my sister in law went to Germany and asked me to prepare for her large amount ofjwlarey, she want to Germany and come back with money no piece was coming bake. Then my jewelry career began, I knew I can sale my Creation. At 2005 in our community center there was course of artistic beading which I joined, and after 3 month I started correcting the teacher then I understood I do not need teachers.

since then I do my beading’s sale them at stands at moles and at Fairs. I lives at the top north of Israel in a very little town. I do my beading at my living room many time in front of the TV. And my beautiful Miniature Schnauzer is lying in his basket next to me. I’m making necklaces bracelets, broaches,rings and earrings.

My favorites is delicate and elegant statement necklace. I do one of a kind pieces, usually I do not do the same, but sometimes when a buyer want same, so, I do with other color combination . Love seed beads, stones beads,all new glass beads shapes crystals at all colores.Mostly I imports the materials for myself. This is long proses of choosing the right shapes and colores of beads I would like to work with.

When I am beading the jewellery I am always thinking about: which kind of women will buy it, or where she will wear it. I hope that my clients will be woman or man that loves fashion, strong colors. Which has a strong own style and self-confident . I get my family support of me and my beading.

My mother is the best critic of my creations. She always say the true about mistakes or good jobs she wear my things and proud of them, she buy from me as gifts for her girlfriends. With my little daughter 18 years old learning art I always consulting. I do Brides line so any bride can find for herself something which will make her more glamor. I do custom made orders. I love doing it, please contact me with your requests.

My Latest Products

Snake spiral necklace

Snake spiral necklace

This is long rope snake spiral necklace which made with beautiful seed beads in , Black SuperDou , Gold Miyuki seeds beads , and Transparent color round Swarovski bead

Wedding Bracelet White 2 layers Heringbon

Wedding Bracelet White 2 layers Heringbon

Wedding Bracelet White 2 layers Heringbon – This 2 layers is a beautiful bright white Miyuki seed beaded with Drak Czech  wide bracelet Slider Silver Clasp

Silver & Haematite woman Bracelet and Necklace

Set Silver & Haematite

The next of my art jewelry product line : This beautiful and sparkly necklace and bracelet  is done with Miyuki Silverlind seeds Beads, and Miyuki Haematite

Costume Orders!

I am making costume orders as well. Saw a piece of nackless or bracelet that grabs your attention but you want it on a different color or design? Leave you details on the form below: